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new ibiza wedding venue available

hi all !

as this great summer season now finds an end we are more than happy to look back to a large number of fantastic and exciting ibiza weddings and events we had the honor to do for our clients in 2019. the range was from rustic ,boho style country to absolutely high end luxury . every event was totally unique and absolutely successful. we are now taking the  opportunity to announce the breaking NEWS for 2020 and beyond !

Event Location Ibiza Hochzeitslocation in Ibiza Ibiza wedding ceremony venue Ibiza wedding location wedding ceremony location ibiza

ibiza wedding venue

ibiza wedding venue

Ibiza wedding ceremony venue

After constant looking, searching and investigating thru the years , we are now happy to announce a unique wedding and event venue thats defo one of a kind. as a brandnew addition to our portfolio we are proudly present the TEMPLE OF LOVE !

Imagine a pure white direct seafront place with the elegance of a real temple with giant collumns and mosaic floor overlooking the mediterranean sea and nestled in lush green vegetation . The TEMPLE OF LOVE sits on a cliff and facing western direction , your guarantee for spectacular island sunsets with its golden light. The very best ? Other than any other venue on ibiza , this unique place is bookable for the  day only !

Ibiza wedding locationIbiza wedding ceremony venue 1

are you planning a intimate wedding, a proposal , a wedding ceremony or a cooking class ? need the perfect seafront place for your private event , a cooking class, a special intimate lunch or dinner ? Whatever the plan, the   TEMPLE OF LOVE is surely the place of your choice .

Convinient parking and easy access even for elderly and kids , plan your magic moment with peace of mind . Instead of taking the risk of going somewhere illegal ( mostly in unsecure places ) , here everyhing is clear , official and  behind private gates. your privacy is guaranteed.

Temple of LOVE Ibiza wedding ceremony venue

Temple of LOVE Ibiza wedding ceremony venueibiza wedding ceremony venue

ibiza wedding ceremony venue

We will take care of providing everything you will need . from tables and chairs, to catering and decoration . with our experience of hundreds of successful events and  weddings we have you covered.

Hochzeitslocation in Ibiza Event Location Ibiza

the TEMPLE OF LOVE has a maximum capacity of 80 guests in total and is situated near St Miguel in Ibizas wonderful rural northwest area. Pure nature and the touch of the elements directly at the sea , it cant get any better than that. easy transfer with own cars , coaches or individual legendary vehicles such as oldtimers or road icons, are possible and gives your magic moment the unusual twist . Make it a day to remember , we `d love to hear from you.


Happy planning !

The Flying Pig Ibiza Catering Crew