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New Corona Rules for Catering in Ibiza

Hello everybody.

Nearly everyday we all get shocked by new informations about the so called pandemic protection in spain and especially here on the island of Ibiza. It seems , that basically everyone turns into an Virus expert now and spreads out the newest rumour and also very often false claims about new restrictions and sanctions of the government.

We want to try to give you a overview of whats really going on at the moment and help you keeping your cool during those crazy times.

1. most important : the island left the lock down / quarantine a month ago.

2. there are no significant infections on Ibiza anymore

3. Hospital Can Misses and Clinica Rosario are back to normal

4. airport and ferry points are open again and tourist from all over the world are allowed to enter this little island again.

5. Mayor disco clubs and Hotels with more than 300 beds are remain closed this summer season

6. since more and more people are invading the island ( like every summer ) the fear grows, that a new outbreak could  hit Ibiza and its inhabitants .

Therefore the ajuntamiento orders some new rules to avoid this scenario

From 14.of july everybody must wear a mask in the public ( supermarkets , airport, restarants etc ) even on the streets . Exeptions :  beach , sport activities , everywhere where you can guarantee the social distancing of at least 1,5 mtrs  and at home of course

7. There are now illegal so called “secret” parties going on in Ibiza. Means some people selling tickets to a unofficial place ( private property) and do dance events etc without any permit.

That seems to be the big trend at the moment here and the government is trying to close down this illegal businesses. The newest sanctions are , that catering companies are not allowed to offer their services to this kind of events .

Does this effect your personal plans for an event or wedding in Ibiza ?

Generally speaking ? NO.

Because you are doing a private family event such as birthday, wedding , anniversary and you provide your rental or private home for a low scale event.

So please dont worry, everything is fine and you can keep on planning for this kind of parties of course.

We at Flying Pig Ibiza Catering and also Ibiza LOVE  FOOD TRUCK  providing the perfect food and beverage service in full compliance with the rule of the authorities here in Ibiza.

perfect catering in ibiza

Ibiza Food Truck Catering service

You also can be sure, that your magic moment will be a safe one , for sure.

Hope this helps all of you to look forward to your stay on the beautiful white island .

happy planning everyone !

perfect Ibiza Catering for weddings

Ibiza Catering for weddings

see you soon .

the Flying Pig Ibiza Crew