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A happy 2021 with Ibiza wedding and event catering

Hell everybody !

A brandnew year has started and we all hope, that this will be a much better one than 2020. So many clients looking forward to their postponed weddings and events with no or low restrictions on Ibiza island. Also more and more requests for this season are coming in now. It looks like a very busy summer 2021 for us :-)

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For those of you , who are hosting a very special day in 2021 here on beautiful Ibiza , we are on your side with all informations / official rules to make sure, that you always on the safe side with all your plans.

We are happy to announce , that all deposits already paid are still valid to a 100% . Thats our way of saving your dreams and projects.

Like in every years beginning , we also take the opportunity to present a brandnew concept for the Flying Pig Ibiza catering Family. This time its about our Ibiza Love Food Truck venture.

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Ibiza LOVE FOOD Truck - the Original

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ibiza catering fairy

Ibiza catering fairy

new project is called : The Ibiza surprise party ! Imagine a wonderful sunny day on the island and only you and a handful others know , that today will be your proposal day or a very special birthday surprise. Our Ibiza LOVE FOOD TRUCK team will be your partner in crime :-) ! Without any warning , the unique littel Food Truck “Babe Rosemary” will show up to everyones surprise at your place ( villa rental / finca ) and after arrival within seconds you are open the big hatch and there is your fantastic surprise party / wedding/ event / proposal ! We are perfectly prepared and everything is already on board . From chilled drinks, to snacks, fresh ice cold beer from tap, cool Party music and whatever else you have in mind. If you are planning a real lunch/dinner we will come with another van to transport benches /chairs/ tables etc an will set it up within minutes at your place. From hearty food such as BBQ , Paella , Spit Roast to fine foods we have you covered. Also available this summer : Ibiza LOVE FOOD Truck`s Rolling Candy Bar ! . Enjoy a truckload full of chocolate Candy and finest icecream for you and all your guest. A surprise Pool Party ? No problem with Ibiza LOVE TRUCK Catering ! If you like the idea of a unforgetable and unique ibiza event , please get in touch with us . We`d love to make your dream come true.

The Flying Pig Ibiza Catering Crew wishes you a very happy new year 2021 !

all the best

Hogman Ibiza

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Hogman of Flying Pig Ibiza Catering in Ibiza , the Boss