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A happy 2021 with Ibiza wedding and event catering

Hell everybody !

A brandnew year has started and we all hope, that this will be a much better one than 2020. So many clients looking forward to their postponed weddings and events with no or low restrictions on Ibiza island. Also more and more requests for this season are coming in now. It looks like a very busy summer 2021 for us :-)

Ibiza catering

magic moment wth Ibiza Catering by LOVE TRUCK

For those of you , who are hosting a very special day in 2021 here on beautiful Ibiza , we are on your side with all informations / official rules to make sure, that you always on the safe side with all your plans.

We are happy to announce , that all deposits already paid are still valid to a 100% . Thats our way of saving your dreams and projects.

Like in every years beginning , we also take the opportunity to present a brandnew concept for the Flying Pig Ibiza catering Family. This time its about our Ibiza Love Food Truck venture.

getting married in ibiza Ibiza fab Food Truck wedding

ibiza wedding

affordable ibiza wedding , low budget and cost efficient solutions

Ibiza LOVE FOOD Truck - the Original

ibiz spit roast

great pig roast in ibiza by flying pig catering


ibiza catering fairy

Ibiza catering fairy

new project is called : The Ibiza surprise party ! Imagine a wonderful sunny day on the island and only you and a handful others know , that today will be your proposal day or a very special birthday surprise. Our Ibiza LOVE FOOD TRUCK team will be your partner in crime :-) ! Without any warning , the unique littel Food Truck “Babe Rosemary” will show up to everyones surprise at your place ( villa rental / finca ) and after arrival within seconds you are open the big hatch and there is your fantastic surprise party / wedding/ event / proposal ! We are perfectly prepared and everything is already on board . From chilled drinks, to snacks, fresh ice cold beer from tap, cool Party music and whatever else you have in mind. If you are planning a real lunch/dinner we will come with another van to transport benches /chairs/ tables etc an will set it up within minutes at your place. From hearty food such as BBQ , Paella , Spit Roast to fine foods we have you covered. Also available this summer : Ibiza LOVE FOOD Truck`s Rolling Candy Bar ! . Enjoy a truckload full of chocolate Candy and finest icecream for you and all your guest. A surprise Pool Party ? No problem with Ibiza LOVE TRUCK Catering ! If you like the idea of a unforgetable and unique ibiza event , please get in touch with us . We`d love to make your dream come true.

The Flying Pig Ibiza Catering Crew wishes you a very happy new year 2021 !

all the best

Hogman Ibiza

best ibiza catering

Hogman of Flying Pig Ibiza Catering in Ibiza , the Boss

Ibiza catering for Halloween and Thanksgiving 2020

Welcome back to all of our clients and friends ( which are mostly the same :-) )

A very strange summer season now finds it end. All the ups and down , the uncertainties and a million “yes but no`s” plastered the way thru the short 7 weeks , formally know as summer in Ibiza.

We here at Flying Pig Ibiza Catering Headquarter have been busy though as our unique product appears to be the perfect one during lockdown and covid19 restrictions . We have been able to deliver without any staff / chef service and turn our  clients in those positions themselves. The Flying Pig Ibiza Catering Show Rotisseries came in handy , filled with our delicious specialties and completely sealed to guarantee the hygienic standards for the maximum peace of mind of our happy guests. Simply plugged into the electric circuits and after a few hours time, the super yummy meal was ready to be served. Cant get any better than that.

Now we are getting prepared to the next stops of the year : Private Halloween Events and the Traditional Thanksgiving Celebration.

Therefore we designed a very special offer to meet the preferences of our returned clients . For example : A real Rocky Horror Picture Show for a very special Halloween with our famous LOVE FOOD Truck and a fantastic Pizza Pizza Fiesta !

IMG-20201011-WA0028 IMG-20201011-WA0032

Pizza Catering and movies

Great movies and frsh m ade pizza

Fresh made Pizza variations pulled off directly from the superhot Pizza oven , fresh beer and great drinks from the antique Food Truck , that will be a Halloween that makes people talk for a long time.

Pizza Party Catering Ibiza

fresh made Pizza directly from the mobile oven

Pizza Delivery with Food Truck Ibiza

Flying Cinema and fresh made Pizza !


For Thanksgiving eveything is about the superstar our giant stuffed and special seasonned crisp and juicy Turkey !

We deliver the bird with all the trimmings such as Cranberry pearl onion relish, orange glazed sweet potatoes , green beans , real cornbread stuffing , pumpkin soup with roasted seeds and the classic Pecan pie for a very happy ending !

Ibiza Thanksgiving

Tender and crisp Thanksgiving Turkey

Ibiza Thanksgiving Catering

Thanksgiving feast simply delievered


All you need to do is inviting your family and/or friends, open a bottle of wine and look forward to a fantastic Thanksgiving meal in the privacy of your home.

After the dinner is over, put everything back into the rotisserie and send a whatsapp to call for pick up the machine. Thats really it.

BTW : First orders for Christmas and New Years Eve are now getting booked and if you like the idea of a fantastic and relaxed festive meal on this Holiday season please feel free to contact our Catering Division anytime .

The Flying Pig Ibiza catering Crew is looking very much forward hearing from you soon.


Sending all best wishes from the white island .

The Catering Crew





New Corona Rules for Catering in Ibiza

Hello everybody.

Nearly everyday we all get shocked by new informations about the so called pandemic protection in spain and especially here on the island of Ibiza. It seems , that basically everyone turns into an Virus expert now and spreads out the newest rumour and also very often false claims about new restrictions and sanctions of the government.

We want to try to give you a overview of whats really going on at the moment and help you keeping your cool during those crazy times.

1. most important : the island left the lock down / quarantine a month ago.

2. there are no significant infections on Ibiza anymore

3. Hospital Can Misses and Clinica Rosario are back to normal

4. airport and ferry points are open again and tourist from all over the world are allowed to enter this little island again.

5. Mayor disco clubs and Hotels with more than 300 beds are remain closed this summer season

6. since more and more people are invading the island ( like every summer ) the fear grows, that a new outbreak could  hit Ibiza and its inhabitants .

Therefore the ajuntamiento orders some new rules to avoid this scenario

From 14.of july everybody must wear a mask in the public ( supermarkets , airport, restarants etc ) even on the streets . Exeptions :  beach , sport activities , everywhere where you can guarantee the social distancing of at least 1,5 mtrs  and at home of course

7. There are now illegal so called “secret” parties going on in Ibiza. Means some people selling tickets to a unofficial place ( private property) and do dance events etc without any permit.

That seems to be the big trend at the moment here and the government is trying to close down this illegal businesses. The newest sanctions are , that catering companies are not allowed to offer their services to this kind of events .

Does this effect your personal plans for an event or wedding in Ibiza ?

Generally speaking ? NO.

Because you are doing a private family event such as birthday, wedding , anniversary and you provide your rental or private home for a low scale event.

So please dont worry, everything is fine and you can keep on planning for this kind of parties of course.

We at Flying Pig Ibiza Catering and also Ibiza LOVE  FOOD TRUCK  providing the perfect food and beverage service in full compliance with the rule of the authorities here in Ibiza.

perfect catering in ibiza

Ibiza Food Truck Catering service

You also can be sure, that your magic moment will be a safe one , for sure.

Hope this helps all of you to look forward to your stay on the beautiful white island .

happy planning everyone !

perfect Ibiza Catering for weddings

Ibiza Catering for weddings

see you soon .

the Flying Pig Ibiza Crew






Ibiza Catering Season Opening from today !

Finally ! This is the news we all have been waiting for.

Today on Monday the 15.th of june the first aircrafts have landed with holidaymakers from all over europe onboard .

Here in Ibiza , Flying Pig Ibiza Catering is ready in time to start working for all of our clients .

The office in St Gertrudis is already busy with lots of phone calls and emails , requesting our services for all occasions on the white island

If you have any plans or events coming up, please get in touch as our reservation list gets booked up really quick now.

Many of the Flying Pig customers ho have planned their events or wedding early this year have postponed their date , but now that the lockdown is over in june already , they are coming back to their original dates in 2020. That puts a lot of workload to our company plus the unexpected clients who are now flying in.

So whats new for season 2020 ?

Great news for all who have asked for a real Candy Bar , be it as an attraction at your famous Ibiza pool party or, spectacular birthday on the white island or even as the perfect addition  to a fantastic Ibiza wedding . The new Cand Bar will be delivered by Ibiza LOVE FOOD Truck – the unique island boutique catering mobile. We re offering this absolutely unique service in 3 categories to keep it affordable for anyone. but see for yourself :


also new in 2020 :

Due to the big interest in creative and communicative sit down dinner ideas , we have listed now the brand new Hot Stone Party . Imagine every table gets a set up with lots of fish , meats , seafood , veggies, dips and sauces plus a big hot stone put in the middle . Cooking your own meal at the table and enjoy your creation along with the sides and anything that comes with it. Sounds fun to you ? Yeah , thats what this catering concept is all about.



Whatever your plan , whatever the budget , ask us first because we can match your ideas perfectly and keep up with any budget. Really any budget as we have more than 180 Categring products and services in stock for you !





Ibiza catering for wedding – 3 steps thru lockdown

For all of our Ibiza Catering and wedding clients there are really good news !

Ibiza catering

Catering for your Ibiza wedding and event of any kind

This week sees the first of 3 steps in deescalation the Corona / Covid19 lockdown .  10 weeks long , the island basically came to a complete still stand. Nothing really moved or went in any direction. Lots of our friends , hosts and wedding couples have been in serious trouble as their plans for a magic moment on the white island seemd to vanished into nowhere.

Luckily all of you who are planning a fantastic fiesta followed our advise “hold tight” and now is payday ! From midjune the government of the Balearics announced today , that the island life will get back to normal in full. That also means , that flights / arrivals from outerspain will be allowed again and for those of you ,who have planned their events / weddings from midjune on there is practically nothing in your way ,to celebrate the moment of your life here on beautiful Ibiza .

Ibiza catering crew

our Ibiza catering Crew

After this very important statement was delivered by the government , the massiv work on planning , organization and managing all event for season 2020 had a kick off start here at Flying Pig Ibiza catering headquarter . The Org team wants to ensure all of you , that we will be able to deliver and prepare every single event in shortest time period , ready for you to sign.

Also the already paid deposits will be moved to a new rearranged  date , either in 2020 or in 2021. Thats a maximum of flexibility we can guarantee for your booking with peace of mind. Following our Credo : “Flying Pig Ibiza Catering – you are in good hands”  we are behind every order and secure the success of your event whatever it might take.

ibiza catering

catering for wedding and event

As one of the leading Catering companies on the white island , we will keep your promise , knowing that your expectations and hopes are the most important parameters of our work.

Also very good news for you is , that we have been able to keep all of our staff and chefs for the upcoming season thru those very difficult weeks and months .

Bottomline here is : regardless if you keep your actual dates or if you need to postpone them to another time in 200 or 2021 , we are well prepared and ready to work with the best results .

The Flying Pig Ibiza Catering Team and the Ibiza LOVE FOOD Truck Crew are looking very much forward seeing all of you soon here on the beautiful white island.

happy planning !

ibiza catering fairy

Ibiza catering fairy