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new ibiza wedding venue available

hi all !

as this great summer season now finds an end we are more than happy to look back to a large number of fantastic and exciting ibiza weddings and events we had the honor to do for our clients in 2019. the range was from rustic ,boho style country to absolutely high end luxury . every event was totally unique and absolutely successful. we are now taking the  opportunity to announce the breaking NEWS for 2020 and beyond !

Event Location Ibiza Hochzeitslocation in Ibiza Ibiza wedding ceremony venue Ibiza wedding location wedding ceremony location ibiza

ibiza wedding venue

ibiza wedding venue

Ibiza wedding ceremony venue

After constant looking, searching and investigating thru the years , we are now happy to announce a unique wedding and event venue thats defo one of a kind. as a brandnew addition to our portfolio we are proudly present the TEMPLE OF LOVE !

Imagine a pure white direct seafront place with the elegance of a real temple with giant collumns and mosaic floor overlooking the mediterranean sea and nestled in lush green vegetation . The TEMPLE OF LOVE sits on a cliff and facing western direction , your guarantee for spectacular island sunsets with its golden light. The very best ? Other than any other venue on ibiza , this unique place is bookable for the  day only !

Ibiza wedding locationIbiza wedding ceremony venue 1

are you planning a intimate wedding, a proposal , a wedding ceremony or a cooking class ? need the perfect seafront place for your private event , a cooking class, a special intimate lunch or dinner ? Whatever the plan, the   TEMPLE OF LOVE is surely the place of your choice .

Convinient parking and easy access even for elderly and kids , plan your magic moment with peace of mind . Instead of taking the risk of going somewhere illegal ( mostly in unsecure places ) , here everyhing is clear , official and  behind private gates. your privacy is guaranteed.

Temple of LOVE Ibiza wedding ceremony venue

Temple of LOVE Ibiza wedding ceremony venueibiza wedding ceremony venue

ibiza wedding ceremony venue

We will take care of providing everything you will need . from tables and chairs, to catering and decoration . with our experience of hundreds of successful events and  weddings we have you covered.

Hochzeitslocation in Ibiza Event Location Ibiza

the TEMPLE OF LOVE has a maximum capacity of 80 guests in total and is situated near St Miguel in Ibizas wonderful rural northwest area. Pure nature and the touch of the elements directly at the sea , it cant get any better than that. easy transfer with own cars , coaches or individual legendary vehicles such as oldtimers or road icons, are possible and gives your magic moment the unusual twist . Make it a day to remember , we `d love to hear from you.


Happy planning !

The Flying Pig Ibiza Catering Crew






TEMPLE OF LOVE – the new wedding venue and event Location in Ibiza

Ibiza wedding ceremony venue 1

Are you looking for a romantic and very private seaside wedding ceremony venue ? A place for the most beautiful moment in your life ? After many years of constant searching and looking we are so happy to be able to present the Temple of LOVE , the perfect location for intimate island wedding ceremonies . Nestled on a clifftop you will find yourself in a mediterranean Temple with giant white collumns and lush tropical green setting. You will be amazed by the breathtaking views over the mediterranean sea and the sound of the winds going thru the pine trees. Flying Pig Ibiza Catering and Ibiza LOVE TRUCK are now able to offer a complete service AND fantastic venue for romantic wedding ceremonies 8 max 90 guest) , private gatherings, cocktail parties or intimate lunch and dinners for up to 60 guest.

Ibiza wedding ceremony venue
At the TEMPLE OF LOVE we can insure you of easy access , parking lots, a gated property and most important : absolute privacy for your magic moment in life.

Temple of LOVE Ibiza wedding ceremony venue

Temple of LOVE Ibiza wedding ceremony venue

The TEMPLE OF LOVE Coordination Crew will be happy to assist you in organizing everything you need for a perfect day. From furniture , wedding celebrant, music or musicians , decoration , sound and a bespoke catering for your big day – it has never been easier to plann and design a fantastic wedding ceremony in Ibiza at a

ibiza wedding ceremony venue

ibiza wedding ceremony venue

really affordable price tag .

The Temple of Love is situated on a spectacular clifftop on the western side of Ibiza near St Miguel . Enjoy a scenic drive up the big northwest hills and experience a little time travel . The very special area appears as the authentic Ibiza 30 years ago. If you plann your vowing araound 16:00, you will be amazed by the golden light and the tranqil atmosphere the TEMPLE OF LOVE has to offer.

Temple of Love , your perfect wedding ceremony and event location

Temple of Love , your perfect wedding ceremony and event location

The crew of the unique Ibiza LOVE Truck – the islands authentic and original Food Truck will be proud to be a part of your wedding ceremony . Serving ice cold Cava, Champagner or cocktails along with bespoke tapas , canapees or fingerfood with a big smile to make sure that this moment will be a very special one .

Ibiza wedding

Ibiza Food Truck Catering service

Whatever your plan, we will do our best to make it come true.
Contact info@flyingpigibiza.com

New product season 2016 Flying Teppan Yaki in Ibiza !

Dear Flying Pig & Ibiza Love Truck friends

a new season is coming up soon on our beautiful white island.

Many clients are getting in touch now to book their summer catering with

us. And every year the same old question : Hi Guys whats new ? For all of

you out there we have fantastic news : Flying Pig biza Catering unveils a

brand new catering concept in 2016 : The Flying Teppan Yaki !

teppan yaki caterin in ibiza

new catering product for ibiza – Teppan Yaki live grill , anytime anywhere

Yes thats right – from april this summer we will bring an authentic

Japanese Teppan Yaki Grill Table to you anywhere on the island !

Enjoy an awsome Lunch or dinner in cool asian style .

Our japanese teppan yaki chef will demonstrate

an exciting cooking show with a huge variety in

meat, fish and seafood  combined with crisp fresh vegetables.

Teppan yaki catering in Ibiza

great show on the teppan yaki table by Flying Pig Ibiza Catering


Fascinating skills and super fresh products will turn your party into a true

Ibiza event everyone will talk about for sure.


watch your food gets prepared and cooked live and in front of you and

your amazed guests.

sushi catering Ibiza

cool appetizers with your teppan yaki lunch or dinner catering on Ibiza

If you are looking for the ultimate fun and

excitement for your next Ibiza feast , have a look at the new catering

webpage here  Like always Flying Pig Ibiza will cater your event with

highest quality and an fixed price .

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ibiza catering with Flying Pig Ibiza catering

great fun and a party that makes people talk – book you teppan yaki feast now

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Booking as easy as click click party – you can  plan your Teppan Yaki

Event with us whenever and wherever. Check the listing and if you have

any questions or changes to customize please dont hesitate to contact us

anytime. We would be happy to assist you with even more services  , such

as Fire dancers, musicians, DJs ,photographer , drone filming , cool sound

and lighting and whatever else you might need for your perfect event on

Ibiza. If you expect vegan or vegetarian guests to your party , we have you

covered with a very special V Menue from the Flying Teppan Yaki Grill.

Simply drop us a line . Front cooking at its very best . Enjoy asian food in

the privacy of your villa , finca or anywhere else for that matter.

Happy to hear from you

Flying Pig Ibiza Catering Crew



Merry Christmas and a happy hippie new year

a great year comes to a close and its time to look back to fantastic

adventures with Ibiza Love Truck. We ve been so happy to see many of our

wedding  couples in Ibiza. We have been very proud to be a part of their

most wonderful moment in life. Grateful that all those lovely people made

us their favorite choice for their wedding catering.

when looking back to an exciting year , the LOVE TRUCK Crew picked the

most beautiful wedding in all of 2015 and we would like to share the

fantastic movie of this romantic Boho style wedding with all of you out

there. It was a handmade , natural and authentic event, taking place in

the heart of the island on an old ibizan farm house. From A-Z everyone

was involved. From decoration, set up, lighting and sound by looking at

pictures you will feel the vibe with no doubt. If you love the look , the style

and the design of this unique L.O.V.E.TRUCK wedding ,please get in touch

with us for more information .

Here on sunny Ibiza island we wish you a wonderful and peaceful

christmas and a very happy new year. we hope to hear from you in 2016

and sending Love Peace & Happiness

The Ibiza Love Truck Crew & Flying Pig Ibiza Catering



Great News from Flying Pig Ibiza Catering !


following the massive demand we are now presenting a

brand new product for your ibiza wedding or villa party.

ibiza catering food mexican

From now on you can book our MEXICAN TACO TACO PARTY – thats

fresh roasted taco beef with chilli & lime , soft wheat tortillas,

a variety of dips , salsas ,

homemade guacamole, salads, crisp corn nachos with cheese sauce and

hot sauces .

chicken enchalidas 1_thumb[2]

villa catering in ibiza

like all of our quality catering products and services this spicy party food

will be freshly cooked in front of your guests-this means NO FOOD TAXI !

but excellent and delicious delicacies for you and your event.


fantastic delicacies for your next villa party in ibiza

you also can combine our TACO TACO PARTY with a


frozen magarita show


Classic Mexican Frozen Magarita Show -

the perfect match for the hot hot Ibiza summer !

4 different flavors :




blue curacao

will turn your party into a true Ibiza event. booking as easy as

click click party – please go to

http://www.flyingpigibiza.com/shop/en/mexican-food-ibiza-    catering/104-mexican-.html

and start your party planning today .


fresh front cooked specialties by ibiza catering