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New Year celebration in Ibiza with Flying Pig Ibiza

Pig Grill
Fun, Fun & Fun, that’s what New Year is all about and Flying Pig Ibiza will add more fun to your New Year Celebration. For us it doesn’t matter what the size of your gathering is, for us its all about your happiness and satisfaction.But this New Year you want to be become Chef for the night at an affordable price? Then you are at the right place at right time because Flying Pig Ibiza will make your dream come true.

Christmas Celebration in Ibiza- Inviting guests for Dinner?

A special day like Christmas is about to come and you are searching for a catering service celebrate this festive season in Ibiza, then why to worry when Flying Pig Ibiza is available at your doorstep to make your celebration splendid.

Have a look at the perfect and cost effective way out to make your festivity delicious!

Invite your Guest with Flying Pig Ibiza Catering Service

Flying Pig Ibiza is the most innovative catering service provider with impeccable list of delicious and high-quality food. Invite your guests for the most enthralling experience for food and drinks. We are exciting and new event catering company which specialises in mobile Fish & Seafood Grill, crisp grilled Flying Pig Magic Ham, whole roasted Suckling Pig, whole Mediterranean Lamb, tender grilled Giant Turkey, crisp grilled Flying Pig Magic Ham, mobile Bangkok Street Kitchen with Asian street food for your party, mobile ice cream cart – 100% organic Ibizan Ice Cream sexy presented at your party, and all kinds of BBQs for perfect wedding or birthday celebration.

Ibiza BBQ Service- Flying Pig Ibiza Catering & Events

Since inception,
Flying Pig Ibiza is a hallmark of trust and reliability customers all across the globe. Our innovative catering service for any special event be it birthday party or even your wedding, we are available 24/7 at your doorstep to fulfill your needs and requirements to make your party a big success. We are specialized in a unique catering concept wherein with a mobile glass grill we cook a selection of different specialties in XXL like tender grilled Mega Turkey, Roasted Suckling Pig, Crisp grilled juicy Mediterranean Ham and Whole grilled Island Lamb. You can also watch through the glass grill to see how we are cooking meat for you and at the same time you can even get involved in this whole process to have more fun. As we specialize in other classic barbecue food such as burgers, vegetable skewers and new mobile Asian street food to add more delicious items to your wedding event.

Getting Married in Ibiza ? Invite your Guests with catering…IBIZA Style…its Impeccable!



To have a perfect Ibiza wedding experience obviously includes drinks and delicious food. As you are getting married in a beautifully decorated church and after which you will leave with your invited guest to a beautiful villa or a resort wherein they are going to enjoy the reception.Feeling excited! The perfect solution for this is Catering, Ibiza Style!I am sure you want to create an everlasting experience and also keep quality & price in balance.