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Country style wedding with Flying Pig Ibiza Catering

It`s september and we re entering THE WEDDING MONTH and lots of

work for Ibiza Catering .

ibiza wedding princess

One of our favorites this summer is the fantastic down to earth

countryside style wedding in the heart of Ibiza. Authentic Set up in a 500

years old finca with NO BLING BLING ! pure , simple and totally

impressive !

wedding table in ibiza finca

A long wedding dinner table underneath old trees , a romantic ceremony

in the garden right next to the pool. Classic Ibizan cuisine , local and

organic products perfectly cooked and arranged – a true mediterranean

feast  for 90 emotional touched guests – thats the other , the natural side of



The cocktail bar was attached to the 400 years old barn , a variety of fresh

baked fochaccia bread , warm fluffy and delicious – served right off the


cocktail wedding ibiza

The guests arrived and automatically felt homy and welcomed .

the couple reduced the amount of extern waitstaff to a minimum as the

atmosphere was authentic and more like a family style get together .

wedding catering in ibiza

Food was passed around , taking care of each other was the motto of this

very special day : casual , relaxed and  very charming .


weddings in ibiza

after the ceremony was over – the groomsmen helped carrying the stools

back to the dinner table which was decorated with the flowers directly

from the Finca garden . Local spanish wines and fresh baked bread with

aioli plus the best olives welcomed the crowd .

catering in ibiza



a variety of crisp and delicious salads plus finest iberico ham in super thin

slices started the dinner .

everything was served in family style ( bowls, platters, plates ) – a true

family table .

249089_421559714617676_1479951743_n 295535_421560294617618_455540294_n 971434_421559717951009_868552153_n

the main course was spectacular : Whole Hog Roast from a spit with

20 ibizan herbs and spices – cracklings to die for and crisp rosemary

potatoes combined with a mediterranean Ratatouille made of local

vegetables . simple, fresh and enough to feed an army ….

Giant Hog

instead of serving a wedding cake , we served wedding ice cream from

a real 1962 Ice Cream Vespa Moto !

ice cream vespa


that was the surprise of the night

everyone was craving for excellent homemade ice cream in 8 flavors

after a variation of local cheeses , grapes & fresh figs the party was ready

for a fantastic dance under moon and stars . Ibiza wedding

far away from chrome, chi chi and the usual things everyone expecting .

we can say that we loved it because of its simplicity and authenticity .

the crew is happy to add another happy couple to our looooong client list

a couple that s happily ever after …..

all the best folks ! sending sunny greeting from Ibiza .

wedding catering by ibiza love truck


Caroline (14 of 286)


Caroline (13 of 286)









The First Ibiza Festival Wedding with Love Truck !




ibiza wedding

Last weekend we rolled out to our first

festival wedding in San Carlos. A fantastic setting in an 220 years old finca

with a beautiful Olive garden.

2 - Kopie


Actually it was a surprise wedding party as

the couple didnt told their guest nothing about of what will happen…..

Isn`t that wicked ?!

3 - Kopie


LOVE TRUCK Crew did the long table set up for more

than 70 guest in the romantic Olive garden and decorated it nicely on the

brides advice. After a refreshing Cava Cocktail , Bride and groom asked the

guests to the table .

7 - Kopie


On a whatsapp signal LOVE TRUCK rolled in and of

course – you can hear the horn blowing : meep meeep meeeeeep !

what a surprise ! The couple opened the big LOVE TRUCK hatch aaaaand

a fantastic Ibiza festival wedding started !

6 - Kopie

The plan was to serve authentic

local food with a twist, fresh crisp salads , figs & cheeses, tapas & drinks ,

all to share in family styl on a loooooong table. After a toast bride and

groom had their wedding ceremony under a 300 years old olive tree ,

surrounded by all friends and family members. Boy that, was romantic !



After kissing the bride LOVE TRUCK was playing

“ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE” – the legendary Beatles song ……


Dinner was a fantastic mix of different local delicacies including 2 different

paellas, spanish wines and all the classics for dessert such as local cheeses,

grapes  & figs. a wonderful relaxed and romantic wedding in the style of the

late sixties at Ibiza countryside – we ve seen so many  happy happy faces all

over the place – what a fantastic atmosphere …



we put candles on the table and  served the spanish cortado

(small portion of perfectly roasted coffee ) when  the sun was about to set ….

One of the best island Djs called for the party at the giant pool right next to

the villa.

3 - Kopie


LOVE TRUCK closed its big service hatch and rolled out – all of

our guest waved good bye and of course gave a big fat applause , we left

happy people behind as we drove back to the LOVE TRUCK / FLYING PIG

IBIZA farm.



Now we are planning the official Launch on the 22 of june .

if you on the island join us for a fab night at the organic farm Can Pere

Mussona near St Eularia ( exit Sansara then follow the pig …) . we `ll

screen the legendary WOODSTOCK CONCERT and throw a party for all of

our friends and supporters .



Donations are going to the ibiza orphanage – you wanna help

us with the set up ? get in touch this week and be a part of the real & true

Ibizan community . Show you care ! put your name on the list click here :




be there or be square ……

hope to see you there – all the best Hogman Ibiza




Ibiza Catering Sensation 2014 !





ibiza catering

ibiza catering


powered by FLYING PIG IBIZA caterers is about to start into its first

summer season on the island. it really was a long and bumpy road to

bring this baby back to former glory . thousands of working hours,

enthusiasm and confidence finally helped to transform a rusty poor little

french wreck from 1968 into an authentic and full operating party van.

the islands first and only LOVE TRUCK will bring a whole Ibiza party,

wedding or event to your place. we can roll anywhere on Ibiza

( or beyond…)

catering in Ibiza

catering in Ibiza

with more than 45 ready to order packages for every budget – you can now

afford to invite all your friends and family. Even a Ibiza Villa surprise party

is possible. how does this work ? ohh its that easy :

check Ibiza Love Truck website  pick your favorite package and add

“Surprise” to your order. Don`t tell anyone about your plan !




Ibiza Love Truck will arrive not earlier than 20 minutes before your

party starts – we guarantee ! If you see really nervous hosts and guest alike ,

grab a glass of cava stay cool and enjoy our secret .

everyone will be totally surprised when Love Truck Catering comes in with

the most charming MEEEP MEEEP sounding horn. the host will be invited

to open the big side hatch and your SURPRISE PARTY begins !

we have everything on board – Food, drinks, beer, light & music .

whatever you might need in addition , we have you covered. wooden

tables & benches, Live music, decoration, cocktails or even a

Flying cinema ( yes thats true !) – it all comes to your place to guarantee

the most happiest party of your life .  Check LOve Truck website for all

options and packages and explore a whole new world of Ibiza catering.

ibiza event catering for villas and weddings

ibiza event catering for villas and weddings


we also added a spotify playlist for your authentic party sound . thats

great sixties hippie flower power tunes with all the heroes ! click -

Ibiza Love Truck Tunes  , we also have fantastic music onboard for sure .

the newest addition to the LOVE TRUCK is the Chaf safari cooking class.

we go to remote and authentic places and open the hatch for our cooking

school guest. learn how to create a local dish like the ibicencos do -

pure fun and excitement guaranteed ! there are so many more concepts and

ideas to choose from- be inspired !



if you dont want to get married like mom & dad – IBIZA LOVE TRUCK will

be the perfect plan for your authentic Ibiza wedding – away from all the

usual ( sometimes boring ..) standard . Have a look and maybe we `ll see

you holding hands with the one you LOVE….. `cause thats all you need !

stay tuned for even more fresh LOVE TRUCK NEWS ….. coming up soon.


ibiza catering
ibiza catering

Interview with Hogman Boss of Flying Pig Ibiza Catering

Meet Hogman Ibiza – Boss of Flying Pig Ibiza Catering.

Inside Ibiza has a nice write up and so we invite you to dive into our world .

have fun reading :




Ibiza Catering

Ibiza Catering

Ibiza Catering – Islands Surprise Parties

catering in Ibiza

Flying Pig Ibiza Catering now unveils a brand new Villa and Venue

service on the white island. Have you ever thought of surprising somebody

with a real unexpected ISLAND Party ? Occasions such as wedding

anniversary, birthday, Stag do`s, housewarming , or anything like that are

perfect occasions for  a perfect Ibiza surprise party.


With the brand new “LOVE TRUCK” – the islands event

mobile you are now able to do just that !   It`s really easy to organize and

with the Flying Pig Logistics you can be sure that noone knows the secret

except you and us !

ibiza catering

ibiza catering

And here is how it works :

Just go to www.flyingpigibiza.com  and click the “LOVE TRUCK”


choose your favorite fiesta package from more than 40 options for every

budget and send your order to Flying Pig Ibiza Catering.

As your partner in crime ,we will talk the whole plan through with you.

At a agreed date and a certain time “THE IBIZA LOVE TRUCK” will

roll to your place . you can prepare your friends and /or family for that

special moment to welcome the host to be …

ibiza event catering for villas and weddings

ibiza event catering for villas and weddings

When the horn of our unique Party truck blows -the party arrives at your

place . From here its pretty simple : Open the big service hatch and the

Ibiza surprise party starts !




whatever your mood – we have the food ! everything you ordered will be on

board . Food , beverages , beer, crockery cutlery ,even music , decorations

and benches & tables – a whole and complete party is about to start !

if you dont have the space for a big party please let us know. our property

management will find the perfect place for you . simply send an email

to info@flyingpigibiza.com and we will get in touch we you as soon as



From a great Island BBQ Party to Mexican Cantina Fiesta we are

offering the most attractive Ibiza catering available. All products and prices

are online – that`s transparent – honest and easy !

Honey-Glazed-Lamb 2


if you have something extra individual in mind please let us know – as one

of the islands leading catering company with a strong network we can make

it reality !



also brand new in 2014 : The Flying Cinema – you can book a very

private cinema to your place ! Imagine a giant screen showing your favorite

movie , Concert or even a funky Rocky Horror Picture show   combined with

the best in fod and  beverage directly served from the LOVE TRUCK !

Catering in Ibiza


does this sound cool ? This and many other innovative catering ideas and

concepts are only a click away.



Ibiza Catering