Ibiza new years eve

Ibiza catering for Halloween and Thanksgiving 2020

Welcome back to all of our clients and friends ( which are mostly the same :-) )

A very strange summer season now finds it end. All the ups and down , the uncertainties and a million “yes but no`s” plastered the way thru the short 7 weeks , formally know as summer in Ibiza.

We here at Flying Pig Ibiza Catering Headquarter have been busy though as our unique product appears to be the perfect one during lockdown and covid19 restrictions . We have been able to deliver without any staff / chef service and turn ourĀ  clients in those positions themselves. The Flying Pig Ibiza Catering Show Rotisseries came in handy , filled with our delicious specialties and completely sealed to guarantee the hygienic standards for the maximum peace of mind of our happy guests. Simply plugged into the electric circuits and after a few hours time, the super yummy meal was ready to be served. Cant get any better than that.

Now we are getting prepared to the next stops of the year : Private Halloween Events and the Traditional Thanksgiving Celebration.

Therefore we designed a very special offer to meet the preferences of our returned clients . For example : A real Rocky Horror Picture Show for a very special Halloween with our famous LOVE FOOD Truck and a fantastic Pizza Pizza Fiesta !

IMG-20201011-WA0028 IMG-20201011-WA0032

Pizza Catering and movies

Great movies and frsh m ade pizza

Fresh made Pizza variations pulled off directly from the superhot Pizza oven , fresh beer and great drinks from the antique Food Truck , that will be a Halloween that makes people talk for a long time.

Pizza Party Catering Ibiza

fresh made Pizza directly from the mobile oven

Pizza Delivery with Food Truck Ibiza

Flying Cinema and fresh made Pizza !


For Thanksgiving eveything is about the superstar our giant stuffed and special seasonned crisp and juicy Turkey !

We deliver the bird with all the trimmings such as Cranberry pearl onion relish, orange glazed sweet potatoes , green beans , real cornbread stuffing , pumpkin soup with roasted seeds and the classic Pecan pie for a very happy ending !

Ibiza Thanksgiving

Tender and crisp Thanksgiving Turkey

Ibiza Thanksgiving Catering

Thanksgiving feast simply delievered


All you need to do is inviting your family and/or friends, open a bottle of wine and look forward to a fantastic Thanksgiving meal in the privacy of your home.

After the dinner is over, put everything back into the rotisserie and send a whatsapp to call for pick up the machine. Thats really it.

BTW : First orders for Christmas and New Years Eve are now getting booked and if you like the idea of a fantastic and relaxed festive meal on this Holiday season please feel free to contact our Catering Division anytime .

The Flying Pig Ibiza catering Crew is looking very much forward hearing from you soon.


Sending all best wishes from the white island .

The Catering Crew