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How much for a Ibiza wedding ?

Hi everyone ! “How much for a wedding on Ibiza ?” This is by far the most asked question when it comes to the first steps in a Ibiza wedding planning. And its totally understandable of course. Many couples are dreaming of the perfect day under mediterranean sky , thinking the same question over and over again : “Can i really afford getting married on the white island ?”

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For decades , the mission Ibiza wedding was for the rich and famous only, thats true. The first quotes for Catering and Venue that came in were absolutely shocking and not from this world. But times are changing fast . Nothing stays the same anymore. Since Flying Pig Ibiza catering and Ibiza LOVE FOOD Truck entered the island market , things are changingdrastically.

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affordable ibiza wedding , low budget and cost efficient solutions

With a clear , transparent and efficient structure in organization and realization, getting married on Ibiza now becomes affordable for everyone ! When dealing with Flying Pig Ibiza catering , you always talk to the people who are actually will work hard  on your most beautiful day in life. All of our package and product prices are published online . Thats the ultimate guarantee , that noone “gets involved” who has nothing to do with you and your wedding. Means this is a 1:1 business , no chance for “men in the middle”. Also a fact : If we publishing all of our prices online , you will get exact the same great price than anyone else , no matter what the occasion is or where you celebrate the Big Day. Ibiza wedding at its bestIbiza fire show (2) our strict company policy : everything in best quality – but affordable. We offer 2 great options when it comes to planning a very special day in life. 1. Fresh food catering, front cooked delicious meals with the option of serving beverages, wines, beers and cocktails – this is the job for Flying Pig Ibiza Catering .     getting married in ibizaWedding catering canapes

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2. A complete island wedding including ALL you defo need ( also chefs , staff, drinks, Crockery cutlery etc ) is the fiield of Ibiza LOVE FOOD TRUCK.  complete weddings under 90,00 euros , thats reality on “millionaires island” now and an unbeatable argument to come to the white island in the sun with friends and family.   Ibiza LOVE FOOD Truck - the Originalfood truck in ibiza whatever your budget , whatever your style, with our catering family you will always get the best quality and the most affordable price . If there is anything in our packages , that need to be customized , no problem at all. Talk with us and let uns know your preferences . We `ll do our best to keep all your promises. Ibiza Food Truck wedding (2)Ibiza wedding atmosphere Also important decorations, wedding cakes , music, sound and lighting , nannies or bridal cars and so muc h more is the domaine of our newest venture : Ibiza wedding decoration   Give it a try and be amazed. perfect Ibiza island wedding from A-Z   If you have any questions about prices and conditions , about the way we work please inform yourself and read our reviews from real couples and / or drop us a line. We`d be happy to hear from you . The Flying Pig Ibiza Catering Crew

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Food Truck wedding in Ibiza

The First Ibiza Festival Wedding with Love Truck !




ibiza wedding

Last weekend we rolled out to our first

festival wedding in San Carlos. A fantastic setting in an 220 years old finca

with a beautiful Olive garden.

2 - Kopie


Actually it was a surprise wedding party as

the couple didnt told their guest nothing about of what will happen…..

Isn`t that wicked ?!

3 - Kopie


LOVE TRUCK Crew did the long table set up for more

than 70 guest in the romantic Olive garden and decorated it nicely on the

brides advice. After a refreshing Cava Cocktail , Bride and groom asked the

guests to the table .

7 - Kopie


On a whatsapp signal LOVE TRUCK rolled in and of

course – you can hear the horn blowing : meep meeep meeeeeep !

what a surprise ! The couple opened the big LOVE TRUCK hatch aaaaand

a fantastic Ibiza festival wedding started !

6 - Kopie

The plan was to serve authentic

local food with a twist, fresh crisp salads , figs & cheeses, tapas & drinks ,

all to share in family styl on a loooooong table. After a toast bride and

groom had their wedding ceremony under a 300 years old olive tree ,

surrounded by all friends and family members. Boy that, was romantic !



After kissing the bride LOVE TRUCK was playing

“ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE” – the legendary Beatles song ……


Dinner was a fantastic mix of different local delicacies including 2 different

paellas, spanish wines and all the classics for dessert such as local cheeses,

grapes  & figs. a wonderful relaxed and romantic wedding in the style of the

late sixties at Ibiza countryside – we ve seen so many  happy happy faces all

over the place – what a fantastic atmosphere …



we put candles on the table and  served the spanish cortado

(small portion of perfectly roasted coffee ) when  the sun was about to set ….

One of the best island Djs called for the party at the giant pool right next to

the villa.

3 - Kopie


LOVE TRUCK closed its big service hatch and rolled out – all of

our guest waved good bye and of course gave a big fat applause , we left

happy people behind as we drove back to the LOVE TRUCK / FLYING PIG

IBIZA farm.



Now we are planning the official Launch on the 22 of june .

if you on the island join us for a fab night at the organic farm Can Pere

Mussona near St Eularia ( exit Sansara then follow the pig …) . we `ll

screen the legendary WOODSTOCK CONCERT and throw a party for all of

our friends and supporters .



Donations are going to the ibiza orphanage – you wanna help

us with the set up ? get in touch this week and be a part of the real & true

Ibizan community . Show you care ! put your name on the list click here :




be there or be square ……

hope to see you there – all the best Hogman Ibiza




Happy Valentines Day from Ibiza to all our wedding couples !

Todays the day ! Valentines 2014 – The Flying Pig Ibiza Catering Crew

sends Love , Peace & Happiness to all our friends and clients.


love is sweet


Why not making this day very special and do something extraordinary -

maybe something weird to show your love ?

One of our customers just called from Paris!

He actually surprised his fiance with a morning flight to the

french capital and now they spending a day together. This little Valentines

adventure will  last forever we believe.


For all who just fell in love we have a very special Valentines song

( click link below ):

Van Morisson – Have i told you lately ….


wishing you a fab Valentines day wherever you might be – and sending out

warm wishes for a memorable day in your life.

all the best from Ibiza

Hogman and Crew





A new era of Ibiza wedding and event catering has begun : image002 klein


Flying Pig Ibiza Catering presents the newest addition to our

successful island Event Family !

Please welcome

The IBIZA LOVE TRUCK – the islands  unique event mobile.

This summer everything will be different, exciting and new .

With the IBIZA LOVE TRUCK – we roll a whole party to your place ! 

Take your choice : there are more than 45 catering packages for

EVERY BUDGET available .

From authentic Ibiza BBQ to elegant Champagner Reception with

cool fingerfood – we got you covered.

IBIZA LOVE TRUCK – 100% authentic – 100% Ibiza – 100% you !


You`ve already booked your Ibiza venue already and looking for the perfect

and authentic Catering option available ?

Something spectacular, original  but also affordable ?

Well – with IBIZA LOVE TRUCK – you will get the ultimate catering

experience for you and your amazed guests.

it works like this :

1. pick your favorite package and check available options at


2. send your order with address date and time

3. IBIZA LOVE TRUCK – rolls in – YOU open the big hatch – your party


YES – its that easy ! everything you need will be onboard – perfect  island

fiesta – no extra bills , no bad

surprises – no stress !

love truck  (1)

From authentic Ibiza weddings to anniversaries and events -

For IBIZA LOVE TRUCK Crew – the sky is the limit !

Now you are free to design your own wedding at an affordable price tag -

direct – transparent & honest !



The newest trends in wedding concepts is the FESTIVAL WEDDING !

With IBIZA LOVE TRUCK you can realize your individual dream wedding

the easy and affordable way. we can go anywhere on the island ,

even to remote places or meet you in the wildernis ! Whats your plan ?

Get in touch with us and check prices and options . you will be amazed

by the variety of possiblities and concepts we guarantee !


cool Ibiza Tipi BBQ ?


Boho Style wedding ?

                                               Classic Hippie wedding ?


         With the Ibiza Love Truck – you will make people talk ! Guaranteed !



ibiza beach wedding


whatever you have in mind please contact us here :


book with confindence ! we are the people behind all the work ! We are

Caterers no agents !


we`d love to hear from you !

happy planning

Hogman Ibiza






Villa in Santa Gertrudis- Perfect wedding place in Ibiza

Planning to get married in a centrally located villa near a beach then your search is over.
Villa in Santa Gertrudis Ibiza
We at Flying Pig Ibiza Catering believe in providing quality services to all couples who are getting married in this beautiful and magical white island “Ibiza”. You are about to get mesmerized by selecting this beautiful wedding villa in Santa Gertrudis. This particular property consists of the main house which is perfect for the sleeping of 8 people and also has a guest house perfect for sleeping of 9 people. In total the number works out to be 17. Talking about the location of this impeccable property, this villa is near to Santa Gertrudis, which you can walk to along a path in the woods near the house. It has perfect plantation of beautiful flowers and herbs which add to the beauty of this villa. It has a centrally located blue- colored swimming pool to enjoy the sun and reception in the night. It consists of beautiful chairs to relax near the pool and gives you perfect place to celebrate this wonderful occasion. At the same time, champagne and wine is served to give your wedding a perfect grace. It also has beautiful beds placed near the pool to relax and have a quick nap. This villa is surrounded by beautiful trees which make this villa perfect scenery to celebrate an occasion like wedding.