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Planning to celebrate your wedding anniversary on the magical white island, Ibiza and looking out for best catering concept provider?

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Same Sex or Gay Marriages in Ibiza

You are gay or lesbian and want to get married? Searching for perfect place to have a wonderful and classy gay marriage, then you are at the right place. Ibiza is the ideal wedding destination for same sex couple. It has liberal view on life and these happy vibes makes each and every same sex couple to enjoy his or her wedding in Ibiza. It has most beautiful sunset locations, unique night life and sizzling summer weather for every gay couple. And to make this even simpler and easier for you Flying Pig Ibiza has created some impeccable and ideal wedding packages for you with the selection of villa to private resort.  We will make your wedding in Ibiza not just a wedding but a wedding experience which you will cherish for lifetime.

Planning to have a wonderful wedding in Ibiza……….


Are you planning a wonderful and stylish wedding in Ibiza?Dreaming to have an Ibiza wedding full of fun and frolic, then both of you are at the right place, at the right time. A great marriage ceremony, a lovely evening with your guest having delicious dinner or lunch and a roaring party till midnight, to be frank it’s possible with a perfect planner who knows in and out about Ibiza. But before doing all these, you need to know about Ibiza First. Well, Ibiza is an island in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of the city of Valencia in eastern Spain. Ibiza is a beautiful location for the most stylish and unique wedding. Romantic hilltop boutique hotels, villas, white washed chapels with mesmerizing sunsets or a fine white sandy beach, all these attributes hallmark this beautiful island, Ibiza. Whatever location you might be thinking off, all have unique charm and will certainly create an impeccable place for getting married. It is a perfect place for couples to connect with the island and understand the uniqueness along with the energy which flows in here can make your marriage special. So, as you are planning to get married in Ibiza, then you have three options. The first option is if you are Roman Catholic and looking forward for a catholic ceremony then you have to find out a perfect church and fill the application process, well our wedding co-ordinator can also help you have the church look exactly as you want and can arrange every aspect related to the wedding. The second option is if you are not Catholic or do not wish to have a catholic ceremony, then you can just have a blessing in church through the English speaking Anglican minister as they offer the sacrament of marriage. The third option is if you do not wish to marry in church then you can have a civil ceremony here in Ibiza and a legal ceremony in your home country.